Orobie Ring Vision 2030 includes a series of investment initiatives aimed at maximizing value of investment and generate long-term sustainable returns.


Orobie Ring Sectors for development and market positioning


We want our investors to be an active player, a visionaire and impactful shareholder that aims for positive change primarily through:

  • Stimulating innovation in sectors, business models and industry structures to build and maintain leadership.
  • Streamlining the tourism industry while upgrading it through a process of sustainable modernization.
  • Seeking synergies and collaboration between the companies and the territory.
  • Advocating sound corporate governance practices.


Vivi Ardesio Orobie Ring Vision 2030 Investment Initiatives


To achieve this objective, we are implementing a three-pronged approach:

  • Creating opportunities in sectors that are already established over the territory while attracting new sustainable business models.
  • Streamlining governance and performance management frameworks, modernizing infrastructure and optimizing capital allocation.
  • Building a value creation toolkit to support entrepreneurship.


Investment initiatives and proposed entrepreneurial frameworks:

  • Transport networks and new mobility infrastructure initiative
  • Sports and outdoor overhaul, expanding on current infrastructure and portfolio of services
  • Developing new long-term strategies for the Sustainable Tourism industry
  • Developing strategies for the establishment of Wellness and Healthy Living services
  • Modernization of the established construction industry via Green Building initiatives
  • Incentivizing companies to establish Research & Development laboratories over the territory
  • Fostering entrepreneurship and innovation in Sustainable Development Technology
  • Fostering entrepreneurship and boosting small business to improve the local economy
  • Creating courses, studying and apprenticeship programs for specialised education
  • Creating facilities for the promotion of events, conferences and seminars



Download the presentation in PDF format:

Orobie Ring – Investment Initiative [ENG]
Orobie Ring – Iniziativa Investimenti [ITA]